Please write/call your senators, cong. and your local public officials ( City /County supervisors ) to PASS LOCAL AGRICULTURAL ZONING ORDINANCE to LEGALIZE GAMEFOWL Sports and to issue " DAY EVENT permit of $ 200 per day, max. 40 entrys. min. 1/2 acre land, agricultural zonings "

It will create sustainable millions of TAX revenue, jobs & business to open AND STOP the UNJUST PERSECUTIONS & Discrimination against gamefowl sport practitioners in the USA!

Unconstitutional anti-cockfighting laws SPONSORED by a NONTAXPAYING ECONOMIC TERRORIST VEGAN ORG,H$US****-charity-rating-revokedlike-a-snowball-headed-for-hell

IT's IMMORAL & Unconstitutional to IMPOSE ONCE PERSONAL MORAL CHICKEN Values to others, the anti cockfighting laws SPONSORED by **** & member groups. IT VIOLATES INDIVIDUAL CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTY RIGHTS & PROPERTY RIGHTS ( Chickens =a private property)

It Denies Fundamental Constitutional liberties, which harms adults & children without Due process & for no good reason- No compelling gov't interest is advance through anti-cockfighting laws..

IT is wrong to deny people fundamental Constitutional liberties, like equal protection under the law, simply because of who they are.

NO LAW is allowed to violate the US Constitution over a chicken?, & our nation's founders established the court to protect every American's constitutional rights against UNFAIR laws.


It VIOLATES Constitutional rights by creating separate classes of people with different laws for each one- Anti-cockfighting laws does IRREPARABLE harm to USA gamefowl sport practitioners,