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I remember some really funny things that have happened through my years of raising game fowl. I've told this one but it is still funny to me. My dad could tell stories and jokes all day and you'd never hear the same one twice. He was quite witty and we worked well together. One Friday morning we were dumping cocks out. Well Wayne my ex bro in law walked up and says what y'all doing. Was ne was just getting into fowl and had a few of his own. Dad says we taisting chicken ship. When he said that I reached down and got some on my finger I put a bit on my lip and a good bit on my chin and turned to look at dad and Wayne. Dad asks is it sweet yet. I Waller around my tounge a bit and swallow and say yep it's getting sweet. Wayne started gagging and spitting shaking his head and walking off. Saying " I ain't never gonna be worth a damn at cock fighting. Me and Dad laughed about that for years.
I always like the fish story. Got tickled to death about that one.