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Thread: Naming your birds, bad luck or just superstition?

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    Re: Naming your birds, bad luck or just superstition?

    Its unlucky, not to be superstitious.......

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    Re: Naming your birds, bad luck or just superstition?

    Quote Originally Posted by KevinG View Post
    Thats nice! Gotta love that crowing one huh. I know what you mean. In past years Id lose my cool too fast and I know it cost me. They were bad moves made on impulse and Id tell myself afterwards how stupid it was lol. I try so hard not to do that now even though it keeps knocking but every once in a while it just creeps back in on me Lol.
    Yeah I agree . Im better in some ways now but I guess worse in others. I look over most of the stuff they can do cause I know a lot of it is just them being chickens and realize they don't care what I want them to do they are more concerned about what they want and need. But when it comes to manfighters and getting hit I guess Im still as bad or maybe worse at times. Thing is if you have one rooster causing you to be frustrated when youre around him youre likely to be already on a short fuse when your working with the rest and that's no good. That's why anymore I figure its best for me and best for the rest of the fowl as a whole to not out up with trouble makers lol .Although my old Ruble cock I have now is kinda aggressive I normally don't handle him very often cause me and him both are happier when I don't and I really cant afford to lose him if I can help it. Ive regretted culling a few but a lot of times your really better off on some of them.LOL

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