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Thread: Cutting Ability vs. Accuracy

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    Re: Cutting Ability vs. Accuracy

    Yeah , animals ain't hiding what they are . If you can't see it or misjudge .. It's like when we discovered the Earth was round and it had just been sitting there -round as hell . Like the trainer of Seabiscuit said the first time he saw him .

    The right animal in the right frame of mind determines way more of what happens than the keep and feed ...

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    Re: Cutting Ability vs. Accuracy

    Quote Originally Posted by Quapaw Kid View Post
    If you got good cutters in health and can show close to home .. You can pick em off cords.
    That is the most profound statement. Key phrase is “close to home”. Those type of fowl I refer to as “sprinters”. “Nothing wrong with them” BUT “you don’t take sprinters to a marathon”.
    when I went to Nagarit 85% of what was there was “marathon fowl”. Looked like dung hills where I come from but believe me. There’s a REASON why they won so much there and they should be respected.
    The REVERSE is also true. “Don’t take marathon birds to a sprinting match”.

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    Re: Cutting Ability vs. Accuracy

    Disclaimer: not an expert just to say something that i had observe to clasify the accuracy and good cutting rooster is when i see their opponent feel the pain when hit during sparing with gloves on and hear that sound like they hit on the bone not the flapping sound of the wings.. Just my observation if i had that rooster mostly they win and most of them starts in single stroke.. It that is deep cutting and accuracy combined.

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