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    Question Perch questions


    I used to raise game chickens and absolutely LOVE them and respect them as being the most natural and true to their nature type of chickens... Also imo they are the most beautiful of birds. I always made perches for them using ~1" branches or tree trunks so that as they nestle down their feet would close and grab the natural type of perch. When I saw them on a flat floor or the ground resting on their breast it looked to me that their feet would close and their toes would be curled, not be flat to the ground. After many years of not raising chickens a coworker has recently said he is going to start raising Rhode Island Reds. In discussing different things the topic of perches came up and I suggested a natural round type of perch but he said his dad has done some research and found that a flat type of perch is best for chickens because their feet don't close around a perch like "wild bird's" feet do. Not believing it I did a quick Google search and sure enough everything I saw said that same thing. So did I have the wrong impression all those years and made my birds suffer thinking I was doing them right? Or are game chickens different in that respect? Or what?

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    Re: Perch questions

    My fowl grip just the same as any type bird, but if you live in the north country, a flat 2x4 will save you some toes. Maybe because they are gamefowl. I have just a few round dowls in stag pens and their feet are curled around and gripping.
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    Re: Perch questions

    You want them to grip around so they balance evenly. If they cant, theyll use their breast more to balance and it could cause a defect in younger ones. Good point about the bitter north, Im not privy to that weather but it makes sense. To me you were right, all perching birds wrap their feet around the branch, pole. Best wishes
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    Re: Perch questions

    You want them to be able to grip their toes about 3/4 around the roost. However game fowl do just fine in a tree, big or small branch, but remember its not the same branch day in/day out, so 3/4 is good.
    Some believe in flat roost's, believing it stops indented/crooked breast bones. It can help in some younger birds, just don't let them roost too young if its a concern.
    Flat roost's are more commonly used in heavier breeds, isa's etc.......some use lower/flatter roosts for games such as shamo,asil etc.........
    I can see the point in colder areas, but at 3/4 around, their toes would still be covered plenty. If the perch is too small, you will see the signs under their feet before too long.

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