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    Bittersweet week

    Thursday it came down the pipe, and by Friday it was a done deal. After having fowl since the seventies my paw paw and uncle are really getting out, and in a hurry. There older and health has become such an issue that caring for over 300 birds is not a possibility. I sat at the barrel with my paw paw yesterday and talked about all the good times both teared up a bit watching the youngins peak around our feet. I was worried that there was noway I would be able to take on all the birds and that I could end up having to load my family legacy into another mans truck.
    But I got some good buddies and partners that I found out were family. I called em told em what was up and they rallied right then. Not maybe or I dont know will c. It was alright be there in twenty. One going to house all the corded birds, and the other clearing a bigger spot, and fencing it in so I can hold all brood stock and babies here at my house. We did alot of tractor work yesterday and I'm back up this am hoping the rain stops so I can do some more.

    I am nervously excited, but also saddened by it all. Been waiting a long time for a chance to pick all the brood pens and raise em up, but I am going to miss so dearly those mornings around the burn barrel with my paw paw and uncle. Me and my uncle have always had a weird relationship we just talk chet to each other all the time, and my paw paw just laughs. That may be my favorite part about the game. Now I just hope I can continue to get better and maybe in two or three yrs when I have my first cocks raised up I can make em proud, and they can still atleast come see them.

    I am glad we got this site some of the threads on here have already helped me a ton, as well as quite a few of all yall active members. I really appreciate it. Chet crazy and happened like you turned on a light switch. Wish me luck and say one for my uncle if you dont mind. Pictures coming soon from Jakehill to the ZŁ....

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