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Thread: Hypocrisy of our Democracy

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    Hypocrisy of our Democracy

    What does this head line mean? Ive been watching politics for decades. What blows my mind is this.
    Democrats want to impeach Trump for essentially doing what ALL presents do. To get money from the U.S. a country must do certain things. Its done all the time. Now I know its being done for his personal reasons. I just dont think its impeachable offense. Hes basically taking advantage of his position, which they all do. Try and find an EX president who has less money after being president than before.

    Now, on the flip side. If Obama did the EXACT THING. Do u think republicans would try and impeach him? I bet my house they would. You know why? Cause they tried to IMPEACH Clinton for trying to HIDE A BLOJOB from his wife. Who wouldnt????
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